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Jerry EvanoffJerry Evanoff is the US-based first-time sci-fi author of Forgetting Tomorrow, book 1 in the Nightmares Through Time series.

Alliance of Independent Authors

He is also the presenter of the New Author Podcast which he set up in October 2018 to chart his journey to publication.

Jerry is a regular attendee at 20Books events, having been at both Las Vegas get-togethers and flying to the UK for 20BooksLondon last year.

I was keen to catch up with Jerry just before the launch of his first book and ahead of getting to meet him in person for the first time at 20BooksEdinburgh – his fourth 20Books event.

Find Out More:

1) Jerry's website:

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3) Jerry's podcast on Apple:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Jerry's podcast studio and book planning board:

2) Meg Jolly cover design: [Not accepting new clients at the time of publication]

3) 20Books Facebook group: [You'll need to be logged into Facebook to access]

4) Lindsay's blog:

5) Lindsay's Instagram account:

6) Lindsay's Facebook page:


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