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5-Figure Fiction Formula by P Teague

Adam NichollsRegular listeners will know I've wanted to re-interview Adam Nicholls for some months now.

Alliance of Independent Authors

We first spoke in January 2017 when Adam was struggling to sell his thrillers in any volume and had just released a series of fantasy novels.

We met in person at 20Books London in 2018 then – the next thing I knew – Adam was posting in the 20Books Facebook group, explaining how he'd earned tens of thousands of dollars in a couple of months by re-releasing his revamped thrillers.

In fact, last year was such a success for Adam that he became a 6-figure author … and that's in pounds, not dollars.

With rapid release being such a hot topic at the moment, and with my own author career having so much in common with Adam's, I've been dying to get him in front of a microphone and find out the secrets to his success.

Adam's first interview – Episode 45, release date Monday 9th January, 2017

With Adam & Charlotte at 20BooksLondon
With Adam & Charlotte at 20BooksLondon in 2018

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